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The Healing of Cancer: The Cures the Cover-Ups and the Solution Now! (Book)

A number of cures for cancer and other diseases have been ignored or
suppressed by medical interests. This has occurred throughout the 20th century
and has been particularly virulent and abusive of patients, unconventional
scientists, and alternative physicians during the decade of the 1990’s.

Historians of the future undoubtedly will describe in great detail how the medical
and scientific elite of America, as well as their counterparts in other countries,
conspired to maintain a monopoly despite terrible, genocidal level torture and
death for so many innocent victims who trusted their doctors.

Even as the alternative health movement grew enormously in the 1990’s and the
documentation proving decades of medical malevolence became available to
more citizens via the various communication revolutions, those directing and
monopolizing mainstream medicine denounced and fought furiously against what
the hard evidence clearly proved. The reality of a medical-scientific-government
health bureaucracy network in collusion and actively suppressing break-through-
healing science, healing arts, and inexpensive, simple-to-use therapies was an
established fact. Those with medical monopoly powers refused to honor basic
scientific principles, the Hippocratic Oath, and obligations of government officials
to be accountable.
This foul betrayal of people’s basic rights to have honest health information and
access to quality alternative therapies constitutes a crime of monumental, historic
proportions and a political evil that must be corrected if civilization is to move

The critical mass building to an explosive showdown resembles other great
turning points of Western Civilization such as the establishment of citizen rights,
the end of slavery, the overthrow of religious absolutism, the women’s right to
vote, the birth of scientific rules, and open, public debate on great issues or
national policies.

If you, the reader, care about your health and the future progress of civilization,
this book has both a personal and a societal message for you. It is a simple and
a hard message: Be aware that your lives and the lives of your loved ones are
now threatened by an invisible, medical tyranny as dangerous and evil as those
brought by Hitler and Stalin in other times.

A furious battle has been raging for decades and continues to be fought in the
arena of orthodox versus alternative health practices, Most of these battles have
occurred behind-the-scenes as a small group of science “insiders,” highly
political doctor groups, high government health officials, and commercial interests
in the private sector have actively conspired to keep a corrupt, tyrannical system
in place. They have protected their own financially lucrative careers at the public’
s expense. They sneer at, denounce, and, using powerful public relations
organizations, attack a variety of new scientific tools and healing therapies. It is a
self-serving, evil agenda they pursue. It is possible—naively—to claim they are
merely ignorant of new realities. The documented facts, gathered over many
years, clearly show conscious efforts by self-serving medical and scientific
interests to destroy or suppress valid scientific and healing discoveries, which
might disrupt or replace the existing orthodoxies.

When the forces of progressive civilization win—as they will win –the next phase
of human evolution will commence. Until that revolution has happened, a terrible
toll in human suffering and human lives will continue.

When this scandal of medical science finally erupts into the mass consciousness
and all the games, all the politics, and at least some of the dirty deeds of the
government health bureaucrats, the medical associations and other “interested”
parties are revealed, it is likely that a revulsion and fury will burst forth from the
general American public and decent people around the world.
(Taken from Barry Lynes CANCER SOLUTIONS)
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More details...
* DISCLAIMER NOTICE: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please do not substitute my products for FDA
approved protocols to treat disease. I provide access to products so that you can make informed decisions together with
your government certified health care professional.
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